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As a dog owner, laws that you should know:

ORS 609.100 dog license required:
All dogs within Columbia County are required to be licensed at the age of 6 month, or 30 days after having resided within Columbia County.

ORS 609.095 dog is a public nuisance:
   1. Is a potentially dangerous dog as defined under ORS 609.098 (a) while off premises menaces a person (b) inflicts physical injury on a person, (c) inflicts or kills a domestic animal.
   2. Chases vehicles or persons
   3. Damages or destroys property of others
   4. Scatters garbage
   5. Trespasses on private property
   6. Disturbs any person by frequent or prolonged noise
   7. Is a female in heat and running at large.

ORS 609.098 A dog is a dangerous dog if it:
A. Acts as a potentially dangerous dog per ORS 609.095 after having been convicted of being a potentially dangerous dog. Maintaining a dangerous dog is a criminal offense.

ORS 609.150 Harming or chasing livestock.
(1) Any dog which, while off the premises owned or under control of its owner, kills wounds or injures livestock is a public nuisance and may be killed immediately by any person.

ORS 433.345 Reporting dog bites required.
(1) All animal bites should be reported to the Animal Control Officer or a Police Agency immediately.

ORS 498.102 Dogs chasing wildlife
No persons shall permit any dog the persons owns to unlawfully hunt, run or track any game mammal or game bird.

The animal may be killed by any person authorized to enforce wildlife laws.

ORS 164.065 Theft of mislaid property.
A person who comes into control of property of another (dog) commits theft, if the person fails to take reasonable measures to restore the property to the owner. ORS 609.500 defines the Animal Control Officer duties: to provide shelter and care for lost animals and to serve as the information center for lost or missing animals. As such, the County has determined that it is a reasonable measure to restore property that all lost dogs be surrendered to the control and custody of Animal Control.



Currently there are no state statues or county ordinances relating to stray or lost cats.  Animal Control cannot assist residents with issues involving cats. Due to budget cuts, Animal Control can no longer assist with feral cats.


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