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 Columbia County Dog License
All dogs in Columbia County must be licensed once they reach 6 months old. You may print

the license form HERE and mail it to the address on the form, or present it in person at the

Sheriff's Office 901 Port Avenue,  St. Helens. Fees are $30 yearly

for an unaltered dog, and $15 for a spayed/neutered dog.

After 30 days of ownership a $25.00 late fee may be assessed.

Failure to license a dog in Columbia County could result in a citation being issued for failure to obtain a license, resulting in a minimum late fee of $75.00 and up to a $500.00 fine.

Dog License fees provide the main support for the services provided by Columbia County Dog Control.

Columbia County Kennel Ordinance
All kennels must meet the requirements outlined in the County Kennel ordinance 2007-7.

Columbia County Kennel Application
All kennels in Columbia County with more then 10 dogs or persons who breed, board, train or sell dogs are required to obtain a kennel license.

Kennel Inspection Report Form
All kennels will be inspected using a kennel inspection format.

Puppy Mill Ordinance

Columbia County Dog Nuisance Ordinance

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