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Monday, 05 October 2009 19:45

Oregon Scam Alert Network

A service of the Oregon Department of Justice, the Oregon Scam Alert Network proactively notifies you of emerging frauds, scams, and other consumer threats.



Columbia 9-1-1 Communications District

Columbia County's central dispatching agency for all public safety, fire, and medical calls. 




Now you can view the last six months of CCSO's calls on an interactive map.  It includes features such as call classifications, date ranges, and search areas as small or large as you want.  This will give the viewer a realistic understanding of how many calls your Sheriff's Office services.  Go to the website and search on your local city or the even entire county.


  • In the Location box, you can enter Columbia County, Oregon for an entire county overview, or you can enter specific cities or zip codes.  Enter a location and click on Get Report before proceeding to the next steps.
  • Because we publish our calls only after the first of each new month, you will need to use the Calendar feature to use a specific date range for past dates.  For instance, if you view this site on June 1, choose May 1 to May 31 and click on the Apply button to get information on the entire month of May.
  • Be sure you click on the Crime Type button and choose Show All in order to get a true picture of the call load.
  • You can use zoom in/zoom out features as you can with Google Maps.
  • Depending on the number of calls for the date range, the system may be slow to update your map.  The larger the number of calls, the longer it may take to display.  You will have a faster response if you zoom in.
  • The grouping of calls in the middle of the county (near Camp Wilkerson) result from the inability to map certain locations.  The location of each call within that grouping is found within the detail.



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