Sheriff's Office Adds Narcotics Detective PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 March 2009 19:18

In answer to the ongoing battle against the scourge of methamphetamine and the effects it and other associated illicit activities have had on our communities, the Columbia County Sheriff's Office has assigned a full-time detective position to the county-wide narcotics team.

"This is an answer to the call of many citizens in our county to beef up our effort to combat the effects the illegal drug trade have had in our community," says Sheriff Jeff Dickerson. "Our resources are stretched thin, but not too thin to prevent us from doing everything in our power to halt the influx of meth and other drugs  that rip apart our society."

The new detective position will be assigned to the Columbia Enforcement Narcotics Team (CENT), and will give new energy to the effort to combat the drug problem wherever it rears its head in Columbia County.

Dickerson says the newly assigned position will help pull more resources into the rural areas of the county to address criminal issues in those areas.

"We've selected an experienced narcotics detective to fill this position, and we are excited about the prospect of bringing the detective's experience and knowledge to bear in a very difficult environment," the sheriff says.  "We are looking to bring immediate pressure on the criminal element that is introducing the drugs into our communities, our schools and our neighborhoods, and to solving some of the other crimes associated with drug use as well."

The Sheriff says that enforcement of narcotics laws is a key element that helps the other pieces of the solution (education, counseling and rehabilitation) take root. "Without enforcement, we don't have as much incentive for violators or potential violators to get the help they need," he said.