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We are open 7 Days a week between the hours of 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

The office is closed on major holidays.

Phone: (503) 366-4611

Fax: (503) 366-4644

There are fees associated with the processing and service of civil papers and fingerprinting.  State law and Sheriffs Office policy set the fees that we charge for service.

We accept Credit/ Debit Cards($2.00 Fee charged by card company), Money Orders and Cash. Money Orders should be made out to Columbia County Sheriff or CCSO.

 Service Fees

Type of Document



$15.00 for 2 cards

$3.00 for each additional card

Notice Process: This includes summons, complaints, petitions, small claims, FED’s, Notice of Restitution.

Should an attempt be made at a 2nd address then a 2nd $45.00 will be billed. If you do not want the Sheriff's Office to attempt any other addresses please notify the office in writing when paying for the process

Notice Process: each additional party, beyond the first 2 parties, at the same address
Per Person

Writ of Garnishment

(A bank may require an additional processing fee. A check made out to the bank would be required.  Please check with the banking institution. Fees may change.)


(+ $10.00
bank fee)

Enforcement Actions
Writ of Execution of Judgment of Restitution or Eviction, Orders of Assistance
*Please contact the Sheriff's Office Civil Unit at (503) 366-4606 if you are submitting a Writ of Execution to Levy on Property. A schedule of fees associated with this transaction can be faxed or e-mailed to you.
$80.00 +$45.00 =

$125.00 Total
Copies of Incident Report (Subject to availability restrictions associated with criminal case investigation)
$10.00 minimum fee
Vehicle Impound Release (This will include documentation before coming to the Sheriff's Office -- Please call ahead). $50.00

Public Records Request
Go to the Columbia County Website to get further instruction on how to start a public records request.

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