Marine Patrol Deputies Recover Body of Missing Portland Man PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 22 February 2014 01:57

Sheriff's Deputies recovered the body of a man missing from a kayaking incident in the vicinity of the Gilbert River and McNary Lake on Sauvie Island Friday afternoon.

At around 2:30 PM, Columbia County Sheriff's Deputies responded in patrol boats, and also requested the assistance of the United States Coast Guard. Oregon State Police Fish and Game Troopers had arrived and found an overturned kayak, and clothing in the area where the missing man was last seen. One man had already swam to safety, but one man was still missing.

Multnomah County Sheriff's Office responded to assist with additional searchers.The Coast Guard responded with a helicopter, but was unable to spot the missing person from the air. The shoreline in the area was also thoroughly searched with the assistance of Multnomah County. Scappoose Police also responded early in the search to assist.

After ground searches were unsuccessful, a small boat was launched in McNary Lake with deputies on board. A large portion of the bottom of McNary Lake was searched using a drag bar, and around 9:15 PM, deputies found and recovered the body of 41 year old Dim Dy of SE Portland, OR.

During the investigation it was determined that the victim had been fishing in a 14 foot kayak with an unrelated adult male friend in McNary Lake. One of the men in the kayak attempted to stand up in the small boat and cast his line. This caused the boat to capsize, throwing both men into the frigid 45 degree water. The victim who survived swam around 50 yards to shore, but his friend, Mr. Dy was not able to make it safely to shore. The victim who survived was very hypothermic, and was transported by ambulance to a Portland area hospital. At last check, he was in serious condition.

Neither of the men were wearing life jackets, and both had been drinking alcohol at the time of the incident. The waterways in Columbia County are very high and cold right now. This is a very unfortunate incident--alcohol and no life jacket are always a bad combination.