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Thursday, 26 September 2013 10:28

The County General Fund provides only a fraction of the revenue required to run the jail.  For years, the sheriff has reduced the  services supporting law enforcement, search and rescue, civil process services, records, concealed handgun licensing and other services in order keep the jail in business.  Still, even with those cuts to services, the county has relied on rentals of county jail beds to outside agencies to keep the jail afloat.


Since 2011, cuts in the number of jail beds available for local use have been required to balance the budget. Local beds went from 150 in 2011 to 65.  This past year, local beds were cut again, down to 25


In addition to cuts in jail beds, staffing has been cut to perilous levels, and without additional staffing, the jail is  unsustainable. Enforcement staffing is already too low for any cuts to come from patrol. The other vital, mandated services cannot be cut, either.


For the next fiscal year, the cost to run the jail will outpace the combined effort of the County and its rental partners to pay for it (see charts below).


                           (Click on Chart for Larger Image)

Unless  adequate additional funding is found for jail services, it will be necessary to close down the jail's daily operations in the near future.  If the jail closes, there will remain certain costs related to the upkeep of the facility that will continue.  All available remaining jail funds will go toward renting jail beds for county inmates and managing those inmates in remote locations.

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