Drug Canines Conduct Routine Jail Search PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 June 2011 15:29
A newly commissioned narcotics detection canine from the Clatskanie Police Department and two additional canines participated in a jail-wide shakedown of personal effects of inmates in the Columbia County Jail on Monday, June 20.

Inmates at the jail were summoned from their cells and dorms as canine handlers went through all their personal items with the help of these drug-sniffing dogs.  No controlled substances were located, Sheriff Jeff Dickerson said, but the exercise was still a beneficial one.

“We were pleased that we didn’t find any controlled substances in their effects,” the Sheriff said, “And we are looking forward to a continued  partnership between us and the drug-detection canine program with the Clatskanie Police Department.  My thanks goes out to Chief Marvin Hoover and Officer Ken Short  in Clatskanie for their willingness to help us keep drugs out of our facility.”

The use of drug dogs to sniff out controlled substances is becoming more and more prevalent and a solid resource in the effort to deter the smuggling of drugs into the jail, the Sheriff said. The Sheriff's Office conducted the search unannounced, and noted the impact among the inmates.

"They all knew what we were doing and why," the Sheriff said. "We will continue to take these kinds of measures to discourage illegal activity among our inmates."