Sheriff's Office to Deploy New Radar Reader Board PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 03 January 2011 17:22
Seeking to make the most of limited funding, the Columbia County Sheriff's Office is deploying a radar reader board into county areas where it has been traditionally difficult to staff with regular patrols, but where traffic problems and speeding are regular complaints.

The new radar reader board will augment the traffic radar trailer the Sheriff's Office shares with local police agencies, and comes with new capabilities to assist the Sheriff in planning traffic safety initiatives in rural county locations.

"This new equipment will be deployed in rural areas that don't see a lot of law enforcement to help keep speeds down," Sheriff Jeff Dickerson said. "The computer system it has on board, will give us detailed information about the scope of the speeding and traffic problems in a given area, and help our supervisors decide on the best use of limited enforcement personnel where the real problems are."

The on-board computer can tabulate traffic volume, number of speeding cars, daily average speeds, and weekly vehicle and speed violator counts, to name a few of the reports that can be generated.

"It is our goal to promote traffic safety county-wide, and especially in those areas that don't see as much enforcement as perhaps some others do," the sheriff said.

Citizens who believe their roadways could benefit from the radar reader board's presence are encouraged to contact the sheriff's office at (503) 366-4611 to speak to a patrol supervisor about scheduling the device in their areas.
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