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Dog Licensing Information for 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 27 December 2013 16:15

A few changes have been made in the dog license fees for 2014, including an increase in the licensing fee to $15.00. This is the first increase in licensing fees in more than 8 years. The fee for unfixed dogs and for dogs licensed to senior citizens remains the same.

Dog licenses may now only be obtained by contacting the County Clerk’s desk at the Columbia County Court House, 230 Strand St., Saint Helens, Oregon 97051. License applications may be downloaded from the sheriff's web site ( and mailed to the clerk with proof of rabies vaccinations and the appropriate fees. Licenses issued after March 10 will be consider late and assessed a $25 late fee.

ALL dogs residing in the State of Oregon are required to be vaccinated for rabies–-a  deadly disease for both humans and dogs. State law also requires dogs to be licensed in the County in which they reside. The license requirement applies to all dogs, whether or not the dog is an inside or outside dog. The fees collected from the licensing of dogs provides for County services directly related to dog issues. The fees also provide for the sheltering of lost, abandoned  and/or neglected animals.

Columbia County is no longer providing staffing at the Lomar Holshimer Animal Shelter located at 2084 Oregon Street in Saint Helens, and thus, licenses are no longer issued at this location. The County currently
contracts with the Columbia Humane Society to provide shelter services for lost and found dogs. License application may however be picked up at the shelter. The Columbia Humane Society staff might also be able to assist the public with other animal related services.

Another new aspect to the County's dog control program is that owners who failed to licenses their dogs will be subject to a citation being mailed to the owner. Fines for unlicensed dogs have been reduced from $250 to  $75. Continued violations can result in fines being levied up to $500.00 per dog. A late fee of $25 may also be assessed to any dog owner who fails to licenses their dog by the due date.

Owners who vaccinate their dogs but failed to obtain a license will be sent a 30 day notice by the County Clerks Office advising them of the requirement to license their dogs. Failure to obtain the license would then result in a citation being mailed to the dog owner and a $75 fine being assessed.

If you have any questions about the requirements to license a dog, you can contact the County Clerks office at 503- 397-3796.
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Deputies,Firefighters Receive State Sheriff Association Awards PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 December 2013 12:44

Columbia County Sheriff's Deputies received awards for distinguished service and life-saving from the Oregon State Sheriff's Association December 4.  Firefighters from Columbia River Fire and Rescue also were recognized at the State Sheriff's Association's annual award banquet in Bend.

Deputy Bill Haas and Reserve Deputy Tyler Miller were recognized with the state association's Distinguished Service Award for their bravery in facing down a knife wielding suspect in St. Helens in July.  Undersheriff Andy Moyer and Lt. Dustin Hald received the sheriffs' life-saving award--along with firefighters Tom Moung and Nolan Gerety--for the four men's quick action in saving a drowning pair on the Columbia River in July.

Sheriff Dickerson was on hand for the awards and congratulated his deputies and the firefighters for their exemplary public service.  "These individuals represent the best of Columbia County," the sheriff said. "To a man, they are committed public servants and valuable members of our public safety teams in the county. I am honored to be associated with each one of them."

On the following evening, Undersheriff Moyer and Lt. Hald also received life-saving awards from the Oregon State Marine Board for their actions on the river in July. The Marine Board provides the funding of equipment and staff to put deputies on the river.  "It is a very successful program, both for the marine board and for us," said the sheriff. "The county benefits by having a public safety rapid response on the river, as well as the enforcement of boating laws that keep people safe on one of the largest rivers in the country."

Accidental Gun Shot Wounds St. Helens Woman in Hunting Incident PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 November 2013 19:29
An apparently accidental gun shot left a Columbia County woman seriously injured during a hunting incident in a rural area a few miles west of Scappoose this afternoon. Lindsay Roub, 24, St. Helens suffered a severe leg wound when the rifle she had been carrying discharged as she was handing it to her hunting partner.

Sheriff's deputies responded to the area of Siercks and Pisgah Home roads after Roub's friend and hunting partner, Raymond Ozias,39, St. Helens called for help around 5:12 p.m.  Ozias did not have a good cell phone connection and information was relayed to deputies by a third party.  Deputies began searching in the area for the injured hunter at 5:21 p.m.

Deputy Bill Haas located the couple around 5:35 p.m.  Roub was found with a serious gunshot wound to her right leg.  Deputies characterized her condition as barely conscious when they arrived - a makeshift tourniquet around her leg to control the bleeding.  Deputy Haas applied a secondary tourniquet and after additional deputies and medics from the Scappoose Rural Fire Protection District arrived, she was carried out of the woods to a waiting ambulance and transported into a Portland hospital.

The shooting appears to be accidental.  Ozias told deputies that he was hunting with Roub when they spotted a buck in the woods.  He said they were trying to chase the deer into a clear cut so they could take a shot at it.  While maneuvering on the deer, they had to walk down a steep hill.  Ozias said that he was walking in front of Lindsay with his rifle slung and Roub was carrying her own rifle.  At one point, Roub asked Ozias to take her rifle so that she could climb down.  Ozias said that Roub handed him the butt stock of her rifle, but as he grabbed it, he started falling backward when the rifle fired.  He said he believes that a branch must have been in the trigger well causing the rifle to discharge, shooting Lindsay in the leg.  

Ozias said he attempted to call 911 but could not get service.  H applied a make shift tourniquet to reduce the bleeding.  Once the tourniquet was applied, he kept trying to call anyone for help.  Ozias said that he eventually reached Roub's father, who responded to the scene.

Deputies investigating the scene found it to be consistent with Ozias' statement.  The incident is being treated as an accidental shooting at this time, although the investigation continues.
Deputies Locate Missing Hunter PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 13 October 2013 11:28

Deputies searching for a hunter lost in the woods off of the Columbia Mainline in Vernonia area this morning found the Beaverton man confused and disoriented about 6 hours after beginning their search last night.


At 9 p.m. Saturday, the family of Kirt Stone notified dispatch that the 55-year-old Beaverton man was expected home about 1 hour after dark.   Two Columbia County Sheriff’s Deputies, with the help of Columbia 911 dispatchers, family members and the Vernonia Police Department searched in the vicinity of the Columbia Mainline until a deputy located the missing man just after 3 a.m.


Stone did not have a working flashlight and apparently became disoriented in the dark.  He was dressed warmly and uninjured. The Sheriff’s Office had 18 Search and Rescue volunteers and a National Guard helicopter preparing to join the search when Stone was found.

CCSO Deputies Have Busy Labor Day Weekend PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 September 2013 16:01
The Labor Day Weekend brought much activity to the small crew of deputies at the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.  A string of burglaries in North County have been tied to a small group of known individual suspects, and patrol deputies took 7 intoxicated people off the roads and waterways in the county.
Deputies arrested four boat operators for Boating Under the Influence of Intoxicants on the Columbia River Friday and Saturday and three additional motor vehicle drivers were arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants on Friday and Saturday, as well.  Thanks to grant funding from the state Marine Board and the Oregon Department of Transportation, most of the sheriff's office's five enforcement and two marine patrol deputies were on duty for much of the weekend--and they were busy.
In addition to the seven alcohol-related vehicle and boat operation arrests, deputies also developed suspects in a string of burglaries occurring in North County.  Items stolen from a number of properties in the area around Clatskanie have been returned, and the investigation is continuing.
Deputies also served arrest warrants, including the arrest of a man claiming to be an FBI agent and asking the residents of 33222 Hillcrest Drive near Scappoose to open their door to him just after midnight Saturday morning.   Instead, the residents called 9-1-1 and a deputy responded to the scene.  Roy G. Cheney, 43, Salem, was subsequently arrested on an outstanding hit and run warrant (see photo). Another warrant arrest over the weekend took place when Marine Deputies contacted a suspected BUII operator.  Although he had been drinking, Glenn A. Bustos, 52, Woodland, Wash., was not impaired.  He was wanted, though for Unauthorized Use of A Vehicle, Theft and Controlled Substance Charges.  He was taken into custody without incident.
Two of the four individuals arrested for BUII over the weekend were arrested off of the same boat after one operator turned the control of the boat over to a second operator -- but both were impaired
"We put as many people out as we could over the holiday weekend, thanks to the additional funding," said Sheriff Jeff Dickerson. "We expected the weekend to be a busy one, and this turned out to be an extraordinarily busy weekend, even for the holiday.  I'm extremely proud of our crew and the hard work they put in every day, as well as the extra effort we always seem to get when we need it."
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