Meadowview Lighting Service District


Meadowview Lighting Service District

Meadowview Service District SDL-1 is a special assessment district for street lighting.  A Resolution and Order was entered into in January 1971 for the financing and construction of street lighting works for the District with Portland General Electric (PGE).  On June 30, 2006, the Meadowview Service District enterend into an IGA with Columbia River People's Utility District (CRPUD) to transfer District to CRPUD Rate Schedule 60, which includes a rate that is priced based on the cost of providing electrical energy to the street light fixtures, but does not include an allowance for recovery of capital or maintenance.  The members of the district pay property taxes which pay for the cost of the utility bills and the administratiron of the District.


Governing Body

Columbia County Board of Commissioners

230 Strand St. Saint Helens, Oregon 97051

County Courthouse Rm 331

Phone: 503-397-4322 Fax: 503-397-7243

Meadowview Meeting Agendas and Minutes


Meadowview Budget Documents

FY18 Meadowview Appropiated Budget

FY18 Meadowview Proposed Budget Book

FY17 Appropriated Budget

FY17 Proposed Budget

FY16 Appropriated Budget

FY16 Proposed Budget


Meadowview Annual Financial Report

FY16 Annual Financial Report

FY15 Annual Financial Report

FY14 Annual Financial Report