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Special Haul Permit for Order No. 101-2007 -

Allows the County to monitor and control heavy traffic on county roads with special weight restrictions identified in Board Order No. 101-2007. Permit is only required if hauling above 75% of legal axle weights.

  • Hauling in June, July, August, & September: Cost $7.00
  • Hauling in months other than June, July, August & September: Cost $7.00 plus $5.00 per mile or $1.00 per Thousand Board Feet per mile for log hauling. No per mile fee added for deliveries of materials when destination is on the restricted road.

View Special Hauling Permit Form for Order No. 101-2007

The following roads currently have restrictions that require a permit issued under order 101-2007.

  • Alder Creek Rd.
  • Barker Rd.
  • Chapman Rd.
  • Chapman Grange Rd.
  • Elk Creek Rd.
  • Holaday Rd.
  • Johnson Rd.
  • Lentz Rd.
  • McDermott Rd.
  • Pisgah Home Rd.
  • Shepard Rd. (From Delena-Mayger Rd to end of pavement)
  • Tide Creek Rd. (From Nicolai Rd to Orr Rd.)