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Voter Lists

Any person may obtain an electronic copy of a statewide or less than statewide voter list from the Office of the Secretary of State, Elections Division, or any county elections official. All requests for a hardcopy of a less than statewide voter list, labels, or other non-electronic formats must be made with the county elections official of each county in which voters to be listed reside.  The voter list must not be used for commercial purposes (ORS 247.955).


Electronic format-


Schedule and Fees for Providing Statewide and Less Than Statewide Voter List (OAR 165-002-0020)
  • $25.00 fee for staff and processing time, and media used
  •  $.025 per 100 voters
  • See above link for maximum charge and special formatting concerns.
Hard Copies- are available for any voter list
  • Paper copies of a voter list are available for $4.00 first page and $.25 each page after
  • Mailing labels are available for $60.00 plus $.0043/label

Other Data

  • Current election filings, election results or abstracts .25/page
Per Columbia County Public Records Policy, information cannot be delivered via electronic mail.  For all other public information requests please refer to Columbia County Public Records Policy


Historical Election Results

Archived Election results

Precinct Listing

Columbia County voting precincts- as of 1/28/2016

Summary of Precinct Revisions- effective 1/28/2016

Voter Count

Columbia County Active Registered Voter count by Precinct and Party






County Wide Precinct Map

Columbia County, Oregon
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