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Columbia County

Victim's Information

In accordance with Article I Section 42 (1) of the Constitution of Oregon, the Columbia County Juvenile Division is committed to:

  • Preserving and protecting the right of crime victims to justice
  • Ensuring crime victims a meaningful role in the juvenile justice system
  • According crime victims due dignity and respect
  • Ensuring that juvenile court delinquency proceedings are conducted to seek the truth as to the defendant's innocence or guilt
  • Ensuring that a fair balance is struck between the rights of crime victims and the rights of criminal defendants in the course and conduct of juvenile court proceedings

If you or your business are a victim of juvenile crime in Columbia County, upon review of the referral the Juvenile Division will seek to contact and provide you with a Victim’s Packet that includes a description of your rights as a victim, a restitution request form to help facilitate restitution for which you may be eligible, a form to indicate whether you would like to be notified and present for court proceedings, and a document that will enable you to create a Victim’s Impact Statement, or a description of how the crime has affected you.

For more information on Victim’s Rights: