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Columbia County

Programs and Services

The Juvenile Division of the Columbia County Department of Community Justice consists of three areas: Diversion, Standard Supervision, and Intensive Supervision. In addition to these services, the Juvenile Division also partners with the Columbia County Juvenile Drug Court in order to meet the needs of drug or alcohol addicted youth under the supervision of the Juvenile Division.

Diversion Services include community work service and mediation. The coordinator for these programs strives to build and maintain relationships with community partners in order to connect youth with their community while instilling a sense of responsibility for their actions. Mediation is designed to resolve conflicts in an informal manner through a process of communication which is assisted by a trained and impartial mediator.

Juvenile Counselors (JC’s) carry either Standard or Intensive Caseloads. JC’s who carry Standard Caseloads conduct intake interviews, collect background information, and initiate the legal process. They also supervise probation and diversion youth assigned to them. These youth range in age from 12 -18 and have a variety of needs. Focus is on public safety, stability and accountability.

JC’s who carry Intensive Caseloads are assigned youth who have been identified by a risk screening as having significant risk to re-offend. These JC’s provide intensive case management and design individualized plans to address the unique needs of each youth and family. Multi-agency teams are often created to provide the array of services needed for appropriate interventions.