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About Us

The History of the Commission

In 1994, the legislature created the State Commission on Children and Families and in each county a Local Commission on Children and Families.This countywide infrastructure to coordinate services to youth began in 1979.

In the 2011-2013 biennium, funding for Local Commissions was transitioned to the State of Oregon's Early Learning Council and Youth Development Council. The state-local Commission structure was elimiinated.


Recognizing the value of the Columbia County Commission in connecting organizations serving our children and their families and being accountable for fund and outcome management, Columbia County maintained the infrastructure of the Commission. 


The Commission on Children and Families involves a cross-section of individuals and organizations represents each of our Columbia County communities.

For a current list of members, please contact Jan Spika Kenna at 503.397.7225.

Contact Information

  • Phone: 503.397.7225  Fax: 503.397.7243 
  • Address: 230 Strand St., Room 301, St. Helens, Oregon 97051
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